Key Programming Birmingham

Car Key Programming Birmingham

Vehicle manufacturers have moved from the traditional locks that used only a set of keys, to modern, sophisticated equipment that uses keys and transponders. It’s easy to use a current transponder-chip key, but if a component in this system fails, you may be in for some trouble as you will need to find a competent so solve the issue. At Midland Tuning, we are well trained in car key programming Birmingham and transponder programming in Birmingham.

To help prevent theft, vehicles that use the modern transponder-chip keys have immobilisers installed. Each key has its unique serial number that is transmitted to the immobiliser the moment it is inserted into the ignition. If the serial number is recognised, then the immobiliser is disabled, and the vehicle can start. Otherwise, regardless of whether the key’s blade matches, the car will not start, and it could mean you have expensive costs from the main dealer.

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