Car Remapping Midland

car remapping midlands

At Midland Tuning we specialise in OBD ECU Car Remapping Midlands, We are based in Birmingham West Midlands and offer a unique custom remapping service.

Utilising our tuning experience we can increase BHP, torque and fuel economy by remapping the vehicle ECU using the latest in tuning technology.

You will find that without compromising the vehicle's reliability that the driveability of your vehicle will be seriously improved.

How is this done?
The Diagnostic socket (OBD Port) of the vehicle is used to carry out the ECU car remapping, and 95% of the time there are no add-on components or in fact any visible trace of the work being carried out.

Using specialist equipment, we take a copy of the originally stored data (read) and then program the new data (write) onto the chip inside the ECU (known as the EPROM).

Data or maps (hence the name ECU remapping) stored on the chip are used to run the vehicle's engine by controlling aspects such as fuelling, ignition timing and boost amongst others. ECU remapping is essentially optimising the engine performance by altering these maps.

Biggest gains can be seen from turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines. Please contact us for figures. ECU car remapping also improves throttle response, drivability, and fuel economy.

Why not use a diesel tuning box?
ECU remapping is far superior to the diesel tuning boxes because we can correctly optimise various ECU settings whereas diesel tuning boxes just fool the ECU into giving more fuel - which can lead to excessive black smoke, false check engine lights and more.

We can remap most makes and models, including older vehicles that cannot be remapped through the diagnostic socket. In this case, the chip has to be removed -this is known as chipping or chip tuning.

Do you have special requirements?
We offer custom ECU Remapping and tuning for modified vehicles and for requests such as speed limiter removal, or false check engine light fixes for vehicles with a de-cat pipe. We can also offer switchable ECU Remapping for some of the Volkswagen Audi Group Vehicles.

Do you remap Protected ECU's?
Protected Bosch EDC17 & MED17 have been used since 2009. It has been thought that they cannot be remapped due to their Infineon Tricore processor, and this is sometimes referred to as "Tuning protection" or that the ECU itself is "Locked". But this is not true, as there is no such thing as as-as non-tuneable or locked software.

The reality is that many poorly equipped or inexperienced tuners don't understand these ECUs and instead of admitting it, just say that it's not possible.

MTC's Bootloader technique, which involves the careful removal of the ECU from the vehicle, provides a reliable and safe solution for programming these 'protected' ECUs. After removal, reading & writing to the Tricore processor is made via a direct connection.

This is the only safe method to remap any EDC17 or MED17 ECU. Note that before 2009, there was no protection for these EDC17 or MED17 ECUs.

These offer versions will allow OBD flashing - but during warranty repairs or just normal servicing main dealers can update the old non-protected software with the new "Protected" versions.

In this case, if you try to reprogram your ECU via the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) you will fatally damage your ECU.

Please call us on 07414141643 for more information on tuning Bosch EDC17 & MED17 ECUs

We guarantee all our work, and both before and after conducting the ECU Remapping we carry out a full diagnostic fault check and data logging to ensure the vehicle is running to its true tuning potential.

We develop our own ECU Remapping software, which is tailored to each vehicle.

Prices start from £199 for a no-obligation quote or performance figures