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Here at the Midland Tuning Centre, we specialise in OBD ECU Remapping

We are one of the UK's fastest growing tuning companies. We have over ten year’s hands-on tuning experience within the automotive industry and have a network of fully trained vehicle technicians.

We use innovative market-leading software, hardware and tuning techniques so you the customer receive the best possible remapping experience.

Our team cover all areas of the Midlands, so wherever you are, we can arrange for a mobile vehicle technician to remap your vehicle, and sort out any dpf / EGR problems you may be having.

Ecu tuning has become the preferred option for engine modification. Whether you a driving enthusiast or everyday driver looking for more from your vehicle then an ecu remap an excellent choice.
We offer performance remaps, dpf deletes,  egr deletion and fault finding with dealer level diagnostics amongst other services - have a look at our services pages to get an idea of all the great things we can do to get your vehicle in top shape.

Here at MTC, we can assist you to make the best choice. All our files are custom written to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Why the need to remap?

It is common practice for many vehicle manufacturers to restrict their engine's performance so that they can offer a wider range of purchase options.

At the higher end, engines are remapped to provide a higher output or more efficiency, and these models will be sold at higher prices.

This alone shows that engines can withstand much higher tolerances.
By Remapping the vehicle ECU, we can increase BHP, torque and fuel economy giving you the benefits available to the top of the range models within your class of vehicle.

This process will considerably improve the driveability while retaining the reliability of the vehicle.

Upon completion of an MTC remap you will feel the benefits from a more responsive more economical vehicle.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable Car Tuning service in the West Midlands, then contact one of our friendly team on 07414141643